God's Company

To be in the presence of those we love are the best moments of our lives. We never want them to end and the time always seems to pass so quickly. We try to hold on but we can't. We never seem to tire of trying. But it's not like that with God. Those moments that we spend before His Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist are glimpses of our eternity with Him. He is always present with us in our souls through sanctifying grace, but there is something so incredibly awesome (all words fail) about His Sacramental Presence . . . and that longing grows and grows especially by the union through receiving Him.

I heard the saying once, "in the company of saints, we become saints." If we surround ourselves with others who are striving for holiness, it rubs off on us. We absorb patterns even unconsciously by what we see through example and imitate it. Think then how being in God's company influences us dramatically. The more we love someone, the more we want to spend time with them. It's the same with God. We draw closer to Him the more we think of Him and the more freely He can operate in our souls when we get out of the way. He is seeking us more than we are seeking Him.

On this Good Shepherd Sunday, I was reminded by the fact that God leaves the 99 to seek the one, single, individual soul . . . and then carries that soul close to His Heart. The value of one immortal soul is beyond our imagining. Let us pray for the lost sheep, and that we may strive to be more faithful to Him, Who desires nothing but our happiness.