Unexpected Rainbows

Some things in life we just cannot plan. These are our rainbows--the unexpected. A rainbow is caused by sunlight hitting individual water drops. It is actually a complete circle when viewed from an airplane. And when there is a double rainbow, the colors on the second rainbow actually go in the opposite direction. Forgive me, but I never knew the science behind this beauty of nature until I looked it up. I'm quite fascinated with the fact that the sun has to be behind you in order to see it.

Do you ever find that sometimes in life you aren't supposed to be there, but you were? There were things beyond your control that led certain changes to occur, and then suddenly you find yourself on plan #193, and that is where you found a rainbow. It sort of makes you pause. Like school kids who run to the window to see the snow flurries fall, or run to the ice cream truck that is playing music. There's a certain sort of joy that comes from not knowing that it is coming.

The ability to receive a surprise entails a trust that whatever comes our way will be for the best. It has to rain for there to be a rainbow. It has to be dark for there to be stars. In this life, suffering and love go hand-in-hand. Maybe that's where triumph comes in, through the ability to transform sorrow into joy.