He gives us Glimpses. 

We see Him in the beautiful places He made.

We see Him in the wonderful people we know.

We see Him in the gift of Himself in the Blessed Sacrament. 

We see Him in the direction of events in our lives.

But…the beatific vision. That’s another ball game. We have to pray for an intense desire for the beatific vision…to see God for all eternity. To be within His Presence, to be completely happy in a face-to-face gaze, to love and be loved all the days of our life. It starts now through grace…but after we die? Oh, do people consider what eternity really means? How the choices we make and how we live on this earth sets us on an eternal path to heaven or hell?

He gives us Glimpses for a reason. He wants us to choose. His hiddenness makes Him approachable. It’s like star light. If everything was bright around the star, it wouldn’t focus our attention in one direction. We have to want Him, to seek Him, to turn ourselves in that one concentrated gaze. 

These Glimpses of Him in this life make us yearn for more…for that Glimpse that will never fade once we attain that everlasting union in the next life.