I was drawing a blank on this particular post and so I saved it as a draft with nothing in it. Blogger of course in its google-like fashion saved the draft as "untitled." I don't know why, but that struck me and I realized it was a title in itself. I always title my posts at the beginning, just like I always title my novels at the beginning because it sets the whole tone for the story.

What if our lives were like that? Would you title the story of your life at the beginning or at the end? What would it be called? 

Sometimes I wonder if titles are tied up with identity. It's like labeling things. For instance, if you're a labeler of leftovers (not me) you're going to put something obvious like "meatloaf." What if instead you put, "reason to get up in the morning, comfort food is waiting." We label things all the time and don't even realize it, giving titles to situations in our lives through phrases. "It's a Monday," or "but first coffee." Or worse we label people and give them titles and stereotypes.

You know why this is? Because a title is a name. We are called by our name, which means we are known. It means something to be called by who you are because it shows a certain connection we have in another person's life. Identity, title, name, labels . . . all essentially point to one thing. These words cannot be thrown at other people arbitrarily. We could apply our own titles for someone, but that doesn't tell us who they are. A title has meaning. Meaning has direction, direction has purpose, and a purpose has an end. 

Our identity is ultimately found fully in Our Lord, and learning how to see ourselves as He sees us. If you are drawing a blank in your life and the blinking cursor syndrome is staring you in the face, spend time before Him in the Blessed Sacrament and be willing to wait until He calls you by name.