Healing Sacrament

We have learned the many reasons (and all hopefully benefited from) making use of frequent confession in our lives, but have we heard that it can be for healing? A good resolution for the start of the year could be to make the best sacramental confession of our lives, perhaps even a general confession in addition to striving to go monthly or weekly.

Going to confession to a priest who stands in persona Christi in the Sacrament is about approaching the mercy of God. If you have an inspiration to go to confession--the slightest nudge, pull, desire--follow it. Sometimes we think, well maybe tomorrow, but then miss out on a moment of profound grace and healing. 

Why does it heal? St. John Vianney said, "to hide one's sins well, one must confess them well." By bringing our sins (our wounds) to the Divine Physician, the Precious Blood is applied to our soul, for "by His wounds we are healed." The Sacrament restores divine life to the soul (if lost by mortal sin) or increases sanctifying grace in the soul in grace, granting also sacramental graces and interior peace.

What a gift priest confessors are to the Church. Do we pray for them? Do we thank them for each confession? We cannot fathom how draining it must be for the priest who hears hours of sins in the confessional. St Pio was often called the martyr of the confessional, and there have been many priests who died as martyrs rather than violate the seal. It is truly a remarkable Sacrament, drawing down heavenly graces both for the confessor and penitent.

Think about it . . . what does every good Catholic hope for on his deathbed? The ability to make a good confession before he dies. Don't wait for that moment. Prepare now. Let your soul be healed by the power of this transformative Sacrament. Our Lord waits for you there . . . to heal, to forgive, to unite your soul more closely with His.