Waiting Is

In honor of the 300th post!!

"Waiting Is"

Waiting is a plant that grows

From bud to petals to rose;

Seeing snowflakes falling bright

Become landscapes wrapped in white.

Waiting is a setting sun

The horizon claims each day 

The moon shining from new to full

While the stars gleam in array.

Waiting is a field of crops

Receiving the sun and rain

As the seasons take their turns

Which change, yet the same remain.

Waiting is a listening heart

Hearing the ocean's calm waves;

Grasp the stillness of the woods

Or the mountains highest gaze.

Waiting is a symphony

Of birds chirping a song

Who started from a tiny egg

And grew to fly along.

Waiting is a falling leaf

From a seedling or an oak

That lands ever gracefully

Bright colors the world is cloaked.

Waiting is a frozen lake

That will capture blades of skates

From children's happy laughter

As they count the Christmas dates.

Waiting is a lightning bug

Who comes at evening time,

As wispy clouds hang in the sky

Or to the heights they climb.

Waiting is a silent rain

Which lightly taps the earth

Touching every wildflower

To give new life, rebirth.

Waiting is not to be missed

Creating the chance to grow

Maybe a road less traveled by

Adventures not otherwise known.

(Originally written 9/7/21)