Answer It


We are given choices. So many moments of our day we can make decisions that lead us toward or away from our goals. Perhaps they are simple goals like getting things done for the day, or bigger goals that bring us to more major changes for our lives. Whatever it may be, these are "calls" from Our Lord to take steps in our relationship with Him.

When we receive calls from family and friends (depending on who they are and what we think they want) we choose to answer it or not. Are we like this with Jesus? When we know that He is trying to reach our hearts do we put Him "on hold?" Are we too busy to even hear Him call us, drowning ourselves in various forms of media that dull our minds?

What does He have to do to get ahold of us? You know when you are in love with someone and it is the start of a budding relationship, you are always looking for messages from the one you love. You just can't wait to be in contact, in communication, to spend time with that person. God is no different. Do we look for those moments to spend time with Him? Pockets of our day that are presented to us that we could waste, but rather are opportunities to drop Him a line? It doesn't take much. A simple, "Jesus, I love you," or "Jesus, thank you," or "Jesus, help me," to unite our heart and mind to Him.

The more we make this into a habit and a practice, the easier it becomes. We may find ourselves naturally turning toward Him even in our busiest occupations. It only takes a grace of response. That one "yes" leads to another to another to another. Grace has a ripple effect, both on our own spiritual lives and those of the whole universal Church. How do you know that a single inspiration you received and corresponded to was not the source of a soul's conversion on his deathbed?

Let's answer these "calls" throughout our day and not put off what we know He wants of us. In the words of Teresa of Avila, "may the divine Majesty vouchsafe that, forgetting ourselves, our only aim may be to please Him."