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As a writer, you spend most of your time on a computer, or if you like to write by hand with paper and pen. It is a pretty stationary job, although I like to move from room to room or sit outside for inspiration. I find, however, that a great source of inspiration is pursuing creativity in other outlets. This could be anything depending on the person.

One day I had a simple idea. What if I could make sacramentals? I wanted to do something to help people grow closer to God. Thus was born Handmade Catholic Shop to create "Quality Religious Items Made in the U.S.A." I started with scapulars and rosaries, then added chapel veils, crucifixes, and even my books. It is still growing to this day! I love to be able to provide sacramentals for people that are made individually for them, not by a machine and mass produced. And because of your purchases, quarterly donations are sent to both Catholic Churches and American Troops overseas!

As a result, spending time handcrafting religious items in turn gives me ideas for writing. I find that after making these creations, I am all ready to go for jumping right into a story. The plots, characters, and story lines flow on the pages because of the time I spend making sacramentals. So thank you to all our customers and visit us at handmadecatholicshop.com! Or HandmadeCatholicShop on Etsy!

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