Following A Dream

Welcome to the blog of "Writing With Your Heart!" Meet me, Therese J. Roberts, a Catholic author. I decided to begin this blog as I finish my first book, The Story of A Sailor. For all those who are interested in following this dream and learning more about my works, this is the place to come! My novels will all be available on My first work should be available this December!

In addition, this blog will have weekly writings that focus on the Faith, day to day life, and everything in between. I love to write and good writing always comes from the heart. Too many people write with their head, or what they think will please an audience, or just to make money. Real authors write with conviction, about something they believe in. It comes from deep inside themselves and in turn truly inspires those who read it. As St. Catherine of Siena says, "Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire."

No one should ever settle in life. Life is too short not to follow dreams. For myself, that dream stems from my Catholic Faith. I have desired for a long time to be an author and I am only at the very start. I appreciate prayers for this journey as I hope to become an author who produces works pleasing to God, leading all to love Him better. 

And my advice to any readers would be to follow your dreams as well! Thank you for following! Write with your heart!