Goals in Writing

Why do we write? Why do authors feel motivated to tell a good story? Why do writers pick up their pen (or computer nowadays) and want to write day after day?

I have been working on my next book, a mystery novel, and it made me think about this question, why do I write? I absolutely love mysteries, but sometimes you hit a roadblock and have to stretch to come up with the next chapter. When you feel like you don't have ideas at the moment, there still has to be motivation from somewhere. Where does it come from? What does an author want readers to feel reading their books?

We should have specific goals not just in writing, but also specific reasons why we do what we love. The first should always be to please God. But, in pleasing Him, why do we choose our specific occupations? Why do certain professions suit us, other than they may happen to be our talents in life?

I think this is because we find in our work a way to be who we truly are, and also hopefully a light to others. For instance, in my own writing, one of my main goals is to give readers a chance to think about something lighthearted that eases their worries, frustrations, and cares in life. Not to escape from reality nor shrug off responsibilities and sufferings, but to find a way to deal with them by reading something that is simple, inspiring, or just plain fun. 

Some may wonder why a Catholic author focuses on the fact that they are a Catholic author and then doesn't write something specifically Catholic. This is because sometimes something that isn't even spiritual can bring us to the thought of God just as well. For in reading about fictional characters and their various situations in plots, we are drawn out of ourselves into a world that isn't real, but that is very realistic. And seeing life through our favorite characters makes us feel that we can face our own challenges too.

I think that in reading material that is lighthearted and fun, we are able to focus on what is really important in life. For example, when we do something we really enjoy, say like your hobby is ice skating. When you go ice skating, it makes you forget about your day-to-day cares and realize "life is good." Then when you have to go back to those cares, which you always do, you see them in a different light. It's like nothing changed, but everything changed. 

I hope that my books will obtain this goal. That readers will walk away from my writing and say both, "I can live my life to the full and chase my dreams too," and "I can face whatever comes in life and not be overcome by it." 

Look forward to my second book, which is my first novel, planned to be available July 1st (subject to change of course)!