Ready for Spring

Flower buds. Sunny days. Fresh air. Warm breezes. 

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so ready for Spring! There is something about the change in seasons that really is exciting in a way. After the long haul of winter and the freezing cold, it is so refreshing to have nice warm, sunny, breezy days. Spring is the first change of seasons in the new year, and it always makes you feel like life is good. Winter is passed and with it, it seems in a way, many other difficult things. 

The change of seasons reminds us of the passing of the days. That this world is a temporary dwelling as we journey toward our lasting home in Heaven. The seasons show us the growth of new life. How something as small as a seed can grow as grand as a mighty oak tree. And with that example, that man is capable of great things with the hand of God in his life.

Not to mention the utter beauty of God's creation. I think the seasons especially show us that. To disprove the theory that the world is just set in motion and runs in automatic cycles year by year. But rather that God is continually creating, always bringing about whatever changes occur in the world in nature. Even though things are somehow the same, He is always surprising us. You see this so much for instance by the uniqueness of sunsets, as God always gives us a different picture.

As the days get shorter and darker they lead up to the feast of Christmas in December when the Light of the World comes to us. After Christmas the days start getting longer bit by bit. As we go through Lent, there is more daylight leading up to the glorious feast of Easter. 

Some may say this is a stretch, but I think Spring gives us a chance to begin again. To keep trying. To know that hard things in life can be overcome. To never give up because there is always hope. Hope of a new day tomorrow that holds the promise for something wonderful. To remember that "life is what you make of it." We are given the opportunity each day to either make things better or worse around us. But let's make it better.