Setting Goals, Keeping Goals

St. Therese: "Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be and becoming that person." This quote should be the motivator behind all our goals in life.

Setting goals and actually attaining them is probably one of the most difficult things to do. Especially when we all have busy lives. New Year's resolutions are forgotten after January 2nd, weight loss goals usually drop off at the sight of the nearest cookie, to-do lists get thrown out without anything crossed off because we finally clean off our desk and we're not really using that list anyway.

Everyone knows it's important in life to fulfill what we set out to do. But that can be hard. Time gets away from us and we get involved in all the short-term things that have to be accomplished. And even those get forgotten too. How many of us leave dishes in the sink for days?

No one needs to be told that keeping a schedule and sticking to a routine will help get your life in order and allow you to get everything done. We've all heard that one before, and frankly I don't really think that's the issue here. Anyone can follow a schedule if they really set their mind to it, and we do follow schedules every day even if they aren't the planned ones. So what is it really that keeps us from reaching long-term goals?

I honestly think you have to really want what you are aiming for. Desires and dreams are a funny thing. We think about them and say they will never happen. We tell ourselves that they are fantasies, that living in the "real world" doesn't allow these desires to become a reality. Excuses end up becoming "valid reasons" and then we end up just going through life settling for less. 

Life is too short to keep saying, well maybe tomorrow. Sure, getting things done that call our immediate attention are very important. We shouldn't neglect our duties pursuing a selfish goal. And our goals in life are not to be "successful" in the sense of the world. We end up being successful in fulfilling a goal when it makes us a better person and makes a difference in the lives of others. And most importantly, when it pleases God and fulfills His will for our lives. 

If that dream of yours is sitting on the back burner, don't let it burn. Move it to the front, and pursue it! God makes us as individuals and each individual has a specific purpose in life that can only be fulfilled by that person. Don't let life pass you by! Become the person that will get you to Heaven. For becoming a saint should be our ultimate goal. 

So, choose one goal and really set out to achieve it. Then when you've reached that dream, live it, and go find another.