Man's Best Friend

I am a huge dog person. Like really huge. I mean, how can you resist the face in this picture? Whoever coined the phrase "man's best friend" was right on the money. There is no animal quite like a dog. They understand you in a very special way, and bond with you with a loyalty so strong.

And this is my dog. Jenny. Fondly known as "the bear" for her extra furry coat and the way she lumbers about when she walks. She's a golden retriever, but we're all convinced there's some kind of Tibetan mastiff or Newfoundland in her somewhere. This dog. She is always there for me and my family. She greets you when you come in the house. She waits for you when you aren't home. And when you're late coming home, she sits at the door and watches for the car. 

Dogs have personality. For sure. This dog has a happy-go-lucky attitude. She can be lazy and sleeps all day and all night. She is particular--like not walking on the grass and only on the stone pathway--I don't even do that. She stares at you when you talk to her and literally smiles. All dogs wag their tails. But, this one is not so generous. You have to get her really excited and talk in the sweetest voice sometimes to get that wag out of her. And I really think this pup knows the entire English language. Plus, her hearing. My dad shares a banana with her at lunch every day, and she can hear that pop sound when you peel it from anywhere in the house. She has an internal clock that tells her exactly when she is supposed to eat--breakfast and dinner. 

Lately my buddy has been sleeping outside my door every night. I got Rocky Mountain spotted fever--like who gets that? And I've felt pretty darn terrible, but finally on the mend now. So, my faithful friend has been keeping me company all the time. (Unfortunately, this illness has put a delay on my book, so I'm looking more realistically at August. But, hey, that's life, and we have to accept what is thrown at us, even when we aren't ready for it).

But back to my dog. She is the sweetest, most loving dog with the funniest personality I have ever met. I'm so glad to call her my best friend. Of course, she's shy of strangers, but she sticks to her little family niche like glue. And barks in defense of anyone coming near them. 

I hope everyone has the chance to have a special dog in their life. They make life so much better.