The Amanda Case Files

It's here! The Amanda Case Files No. 1: Old Manor Mystery!! Five long months of writing, editing, proofreading, formatting, and designing, and it's finally done! Only $7.99 paperback and $2.99 Kindle edition on Amazon!

I really enjoyed writing this book. It was fun to lay out a mystery, plant clues, and make characters look suspicious. I've always loved watching mystery movies or reading mystery books, but I never imagined how much I would enjoy putting one together!

There are a lot of characters in this book. Lots. Nearly eighteen are named and most of them are significant to the story. I threw in several plot twists and some red herrings, which will keep you guessing throughout the story.

My favorite character is probably Sam. He's a funny, laid back, typical teasing brother. My favorite chapter is the banquet toward the end, where all the suspects are gathered together and fear another murder. 

I already have ideas for more books in this series. It will probably be a 3-5 book series. Maybe the second one will take place at a hospital or a bed and breakfast. You can also look forward to another novel, my Christmas book in December!

Here is an excerpt from The Amanda Case Files!


    A long, horrifying shriek peeled across the great halls of Anderson Manor. The sound was deafening and echoed very deeply, creating a moment tense and eerie.
   The young heir to the estate came running out of his study. “Where are you?” Timothy Anderson called.
    The reply revealed she was presently in the front parlor room.
    Tim arrived quickly, only to be abruptly taken aback by a motionless body on the designer carpet. A thick kitchen knife was plunged firmly through the chest of the dead man. Tim recognized the victim immediately as the manor’s faithful gardener, Geoffrey Reid.
    Tim spoke first saying, “Not again. He makes the second person in two weeks . . . ”
    “I no longer believe the first one was suicide,” Margaret Anderson answered.
    “Someone is after the treasure,” Tim whispered.

Hope you enjoy the story, and be sure to spread the word! My author page link is:!