Source of Security

As the Christmas season begins to drift behind us, we are faced with the monotony and humdrum feelings of normal day-to-day life. The joy and excitement that the holidays give help us forget for a time that bills have to be paid, laundry has to be done, errands must be run, etc. The peace that Christ brings us at Christmas is wrongly forgotten, when we are overwhelmed with "catching up" after the busy gift-giving season.

But what is our source of security? It is easy to look to money as the essence of happiness in this life, for without it one cannot really function in this world. Health is also a big factor as we see how poorly we carry on in our lives without it. Some look to owning a big house or having friends in high places as the answers to their dreams and problems. 

We know all too well that these things come and go in life, that if they come at all they are only a passing thing. There has to be a stable source of security that remains when everything else is lost. You probably know where I'm getting at--that God is the only true source of security. Without Him, we would surely give up amidst our trials and tribulations.

It is a good reminder for all of us when we are feeling insecure about something in our lives, that God is the source of our peace. It doesn't matter what people think because there will always be some person who judges us and decides they know better than we do about our lives. Not that it isn't important to take advice, but as a general rule the only person we have to worry about pleasing is God.

In the words of St. Therese, "If you want to be a saint, aim only at pleasing Jesus, at uniting yourself intimately with Him." And when the world feels turned upside down and nothing seems to be getting any better, we have to remember that life is a journey and all our sufferings will be pearls in our crowns in Heaven.