Magic of Music

I went to my first symphony orchestra concert last weekend and it was an unforgettable experience. There is something so powerful and moving about music that I never fully understood until hearing a full live orchestra. There were over fifty musicians from both string and band, which created a harmonious and magical sound. When you think about it, the power of a single note is really tremendous because it can convey a wide breadth of emotions when all the notes are put together.

Music, that can be called music in the truest sense, is a means of conveying beauty, truth, goodness, and other intangibles that lift your spirits and make you appreciate the higher things in life. Music, as one of the arts, stems from the soul of man because he is creating something that is connected to what is immaterial---for it is a very consoling thought that the concept of music and song is related to our final end, where all the Blessed praise God in harmonious notes for all eternity.

It is fascinating to me when you put all these seemingly random instruments together that they can create a sound that makes the music come alive. I understand now why composers can be called "musical geniuses" because I think that is what they truly are. I suppose everyone's talents appear in that way when you don't possess that talent yourself, but I think the ability to compose scores is simply amazing. 

I hope all you readers are able to attend a symphony orchestra at least once in your life. It really blew me away!