A Forgotten Holiday

It seems like many pass over the holiday of Veterans' Day with little to no thought other than the post office is closed, so things will have to wait another day. While Memorial Day is perhaps the more celebrated holiday and rightfully so for what it is, Veterans' Day focuses on our heroes who are still fighting the battle. 

For our Veterans must face life after their service, which can be such a challenging adjustment. They have returned from the war changed whether in small ways or large. And as they have changed, so may have the things they once knew. They have been away from their families, their homes, all that was near and dear to them. 

The obligation of gratitude we must show to our heroes is not a light one. They have made sacrifices for souls they never met....sacrifices that may be known only to that solider and God. He will repay them in a way that no human being can, but that does not lessen our duty to thank, pray, and support those who have served our nation.

I really like the site operationgratitude.com that provides ways to reach out to our military, including Veterans. While my business, Handmade Catholic Shop, mainly sends packages to our deployed Troops, I have often thought that I should send a package to our Veterans who have come home and also need our love and thanks.

Let us not undervalue the holiday of Veterans' Day that remembers our heroes throughout our country and always pray for each one during the whole year! THANK YOU VETERANS!