Change. Different. Adjust. Adapt. Amend. Modify. Revise. Revamp. Swap. Switch.

All words that have essentially the same meaning: things will not be the same as they were before. How do you handle change? Change can be good; change can be bad. The key is our reaction to the change. Do we take it in strides? Do we go with the flow? Do we realize that absolutely everything around us changes whether we realize it or not? 

We are not the same from one day to the next. A little older...hopefully a little wiser. The world is ever changing. Are our hearts rooted in God Who is unchanging? We kind of have to just keep our hand in His, knowing He's leading us because we can never know the future. Trusting in His Providence is the only thing that brings peace of mind to change.

If everything stayed the same, wouldn't we get bored? Let's face it, we need variety in everything. Clothing, food, activities, people (haha)....if we wore the same thing and ate the same thing day after day, sure it might make life simpler, but would that help us grow? I think the reminder that life changes helps us focus on the end goal. If we are made for eternity, then the present trifles will not satisfy us.

God remains the one constant in life, Who we can lean on through all the change. And hopefully in the midst of it all, we realize that it was good for us and brought us closer to Him.