Sunday, June 24, 2018

Need a Quick Dish?

This has to be one of the simplest dinner dishes that actually appeals to the sweet tooth. Get two or three chicken breasts (cut into 1 inch cubes) and cook in a frying pan. Cook a cup of rice in a separate pot. Use a cup of riced frozen broccoli to heat up. Mix all together when chicken is cooked. Add some salt, pepper, garlic salt, and (a lot) of brown sugar. 

A colorful arrangement awaits your dinner table, fit to serve five hungry mouths. And I might add, that a root beer float doesn't hurt to accompany it (or any dish). :-)

Hope you enjoy this easy meal that can be accomplished in 15 minutes! 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Pray for Priests

One of the most noble tasks we can accomplish in this world is prayer. Prayer is our direct link to God. When we pray before the tabernacle, it is better than being granted an audience before a king, for we are beholding the King of Kings. He is ready to hear our every request and answers them all, even if not in the way we expect. 

We forget though that this privilege of praying before our King is brought to us only by His priests. Without the priest, we would not be able to adore Jesus in the tabernacle, nor receive Him at Mass, nor attend Mass at all. A priest is another Christ and as such holds such a great dignity in his vocation. These days it is hard to find truly holy priests, but that is where prayer comes in.

Today is Fathers' Day and our priests fall under that title in the spiritual sense because they guide us as children to reach Heaven. We must pray for them that they may be holy and that there may be more priests who give their lives to such a praiseworthy mission. There is no greater goal than winning souls for Christ. Let us support our priests and be grateful to them for helping us in our path of sanctity by remembering them daily before the tabernacle, especially today as our spiritual fathers. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Stroll in the Park

What is your favorite form of exercise? There are so many ways to rejuvenate yourself by spending time in exercise. Lots of people enjoy hiking or running on trails, some bike riding or kayaking, others with indoor equipment. I'm certainly not one for "working out", but I think getting a daily half hour of recreational exercise is really good for you. It's healthy for your body and your mind and lets out some of that extra steam. 

Thoughts on weight loss? Well, to me that's secondary. I mean who doesn't enjoy feeling more fit and going down a size in clothes? But I think the experience of the exercise (especially outside in nature) is much more satisfactory than the results or lack thereof. 

Personal favorite: I really enjoy bike riding, kayaking, and walking. Each offers a unique setting. Bike riding can be stationary, kayaking on a beautiful lake, and walking down your home street are all pleasant in themselves. There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something when getting where you want to go, and a healthy life brings much content.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

More Blessed to Give

They say it's more blessed to give than to receive and if you've never had the opportunity of volunteering, let me just share how amazing an experience it can be. You think that you are going into something trying to make a difference in someone's life by giving your time, but you realize very quickly that in making that sacrifice you are receiving so much more yourself than you could ever imagine. 

When we give our ourselves it takes us out of ourselves and let's us focus our energy on other people. Our problems seem so small when we see what others have to go through. And even if you are going through more than others, it at least makes the burden lighter by alleviating someone else's pain for a day. Volunteering doesn't take away your suffering or someone else's suffering but it reminds us that "life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."

Some great volunteer ideas are perhaps at your church, nursing homes, crisis pregnancy centers, soup kitchens, schools...the opportunities are limitless if you are really looking. On a personal note, I've really enjoyed volunteering at a horse farm that teaches children. I love both horses and kids so it's the perfect combo for me, and you see clearly that what truly matters in life is serving God and serving our neighbor.

You may say that there just isn't time to volunteer if you're working full time and taking care of a family, but maybe if it's only just once a month on a Saturday that you give a couple hours to something, it would be possible. Believe me it makes all the difference to them and to you.