Parents of the Little Flower

July 12th is the feast of Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Therese, the Little Flower. If you are looking for good reads on them, the books above are excellent! Both parents originally wanted to enter religious life, but God called them to marriage. They raised up a family of saints and became saints themselves! Their heroic virtue in family life is an inspiration and example of how we are to live.

"To the love of God, to the spirit of faith and hope was joined in my father's character an immense charity toward his neighbor. That was his outstanding virtue." ~ Celine Martin

"Our mother was abnegation personified, gifted with great courage, and an extraordinarily energetic character. She had a very sensitive and very generous heart, turned always to God, in whom she had a truly heroic confidence." ~ Celine Martin

"My parents always seemed to me to be saints. We were filled with respect and admiration for them. I sometimes asked myself if it were possible to find their equals on earth. Around me I could see nothing like them." ~ Pauline Martin (Mother Agnes of Jesus)

"God gave me a father and a mother who were more worthy of heaven than of earth." ~ St. Therese Martin (the Little Flower)