The Sky Is Falling

"The Sky is Falling" are iconic words of Chicken Little but are an idea we adopt to mean our world around us is falling apart. A contrast to the peaceful look of leaves falling from trees in a quiet wood to show that all things are made new. Even though things are falling, we can have tranquil hearts that are stable in the storm.

I find that the sky often feels like it's falling when big decisions come around or tragic events happen in our lives. Why do those moments have to be so much more different than the simple parts of what make up our day? But they are. We can try to simplify them but they are going to be bigger and matter more. We can only change our approach to them. 

God gives us the grace at the time, not before and not after, both for the big and little things that matter as much to Him as they do to us. We just have to lean harder on Him when we are climbing taller mountains. If it is weighing on us heavily, perhaps we aren't praying enough. God is always right there with His love and care. 

Padre Pio says, whose feast day we celebrate today, "In this life, Jesus does not ask you to carry the heavy cross with Him, but a small piece of His cross, a piece that consists of human suffering."