Making the Most of Memories

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just realized we were having fun." When you lose someone, you don't realize how all those moments you spent together become the best memories. At the time, you are simply enjoying each other's presence, but you forget that they can all too quickly become merely memories. 

I recently lost my Nana, who lived to a beautiful age of 89 and died so peacefully with receiving the Sacraments of the Church. While that is the greatest gift, it's still hard. Hard because that person is no long a part of your day to day in this life. You can't hug or kiss or smile. It will never be the same. 

I try to think of how she is an angel in Heaven watching out for me now. I pray for her, I pray to her, I know she still smiles at me from her special place with God. But those moments, those gifts of being with her will be engrained in my heart forever. 

I can still hear her laugh, I can picture her smile, I can feel her warm words of encouragement. She was a light in my life. We have to make the most of our memories and treasure those moments so that we will never let go.