Setting a New Standard

At the beginning of the year, we usually have those moments where we feel disappointed we haven't lived up to our goals. Some resolution probably fell off the list on January 2nd already. That's ok. It's more important to be realistic and optimistic than to set a standard of perfectionism. 

The standard we set for ourselves should be, were we pleasing to God today? Yes maybe things on our list didn't get done. Maybe we look at our life and see too much room for improvement. At the end of the day and the end of our lives, St John of the Cross says we will be judged on love.

It's good to have generally high standards, but not at the cost of losing ourselves in standards. God's standard for us is His holy will. If we are striving for that daily, then even when we have bad days they can still be good ones from trying.

Let's set a new standard that involves accomplishing small goals and doing more of what makes us and God happy.