A Little Less Hurry

I made an interesting discovery this week. I tried to fix some issues on my laptop by myself since Apple stores are closed...and I ended up virtually crashing my computer. I completely freaked out and thought I would never recover all the documents and files stored on there, let alone the fact that I could not do anything for my business, not even fill orders. Was this a temporary problem? Yes, it could be fixed or replaced, but that didn't seem to calm the initial shock. So I asked myself, why did it bother me so much? In hindsight, it really wasn't that bad, the problem was fixed in a couple hours with phone support. 

I learned that I was way too attached to both technology and my work. Is the computer absolutely necessary for my job? Yes, yes it is, but even if we cannot do our job....which many people are unable to do in these times....it should not take away our peace. I still had my family, my friends, my health, my home, my dog, my faith....this only affected one small area of life (granted an important one) but it was still only work. I tend to put a lot of importance on work, and I realized...too much importance. Work/life balance does not come easily for someone who works from home, it's takes constant effort, but temporarily "losing" my computer forced me to take a step back. 

With the upcoming feast of St Joseph the Worker this week, reflecting on the dignity of work is a good thing. But I'd like to imagine that although St Joseph was very dedicated and diligent in his carpentry, the moments that gave his life the most meaning were those afterwards at home with Jesus and Mary. I think when we come to the end of our lives, we won't wish we had done more work, even though that is what we try to accomplish every day. I have a feeling it won't be as important, for the greatest work is that of prayer, union with God, and charity toward others. 

The "crashing" of my computer was actually one of the best things I could have experienced this week. It made me see that even if it all was taken away, and work was no longer part of my day to day, there's nothing wrong with a quiet life, a less hurried life, and a life filled with a little more laughter...and that maybe that could be a better part of work life too.