Be Content

If you're like me, you look to change as a way of moving forward. A new job, a new place to live, a new stage of if always looking to the next thing brings happiness and contentment. Creating constant change could be indicative of avoiding seeing life as it is. It takes a constant reminder for me that peace of soul is not dependent upon circumstances or external things. We can find God in whatever situation we find ourselves, or rather He remains with us through it all.

I picked this photo for this blog post because sometimes we can only see our life in our own little jar and forget to look beyond that. Our jar is filled with lots of little beautiful lights that we need only to turn on, and when we connect those lights to the bigger ones our world doesn't feel so small. We need to remember that the small ordinary parts of life that make up so much of life are the ones that carry the greatest power. Like if you forget the baking soda in cookies, they will be completely flat.

I've had several people give me good advice recently to "be content," which defined literally is "the state of happiness and satisfaction." It's easy to feel dissatisfied when we want something we don't have. We can be grateful for what we do have and that reminds us of what we find fulfilling in life, yet it's ok if being content doesn't come easily to us because we have big dreams for our lives. Even though it doesn't come naturally, it should be a good reminder that if we haven't reached e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. yet, that's a good thing! If you accomplished all the things at once in your life, the rest of it would be rather boring.

Sometimes it's nice to "take time to coast" or that "doing nothing leads to the very best of something," in the words of Christopher Robin. This doesn't mean we shouldn't keep up our goals and routines of life, but maybe just maybe being content with life is to stop looking and let life take its own course because the surprises along the way are the very best of all.