What's in a Mom

On reflecting on Mother's Day, I think there are a lot of ways to look at motherhood. There are many who desire to be natural mothers, but perhaps are not able to have children, have not met that special someone to marry yet, or who feel they are not called to marriage even if they love children. That usually brings up the topic of the beautiful reality of spiritual motherhood, that St Therese frequently emulates, which is to pray for souls, to be a mother of souls, to imitate Our Lady in sacrificing for souls. 

As beautiful as these truths are, I think "what's in a mom" are the virtues of a mom. While not everyone may be a natural mother, anyone can practice the virtues of motherhood, which in turn would be good practice to prepare for such a gift! The essential virtues of motherhood, after the obvious one of charity, in my opinion, are self-sacrifice, joy, and diligence.

A mom should strive to sacrifice herself for her children (and her husband), but as a mom she will have to constantly deny herself and her needs for the sake of others. She should not neglect herself in the process, but she should try to put others before herself. This self-sacrifice imitates Our Lord on the cross and helps a woman to give generously and unite her offerings to those of Christ. By practicing self-sacrifice in general, it will make getting up in the middle of the night to a baby much easier!

Joy should radiate a mother's being. To be a mother is one of the greatest gifts. You are that person in a child's life that nurtures and fosters their development and surrounds them with the greatest love they will find on this earth. If a person has joy, it reflects the fact that their soul is at peace. Peace is what makes a child feel secure and comforted. If a woman can find joy in the midst of suffering and day-to-day trials, she will prepare to be a mother who gives her child that first taste of God's protection.

Then there comes diligence. Being a parent is a big responsibility! You are the primary educator of your children, in spiritual and material life. If a woman looks to be practical and keep order in her home, she will have developed a habit of diligence and be more ready to take care of a family . . . and of course she will have help in these matters from her husband. Yet she will most likely spend the most time with her children at home. She doesn't have to run her house like a navy ship, but having some organization will give children stability. 

So if you are not yet a mom but are looking for ways to become a good one, seek to practice virtues now that will foster a beautiful family life in the future! For developing habits in your single life, will build a solid foundation for motherhood. Happy Mother's Day to all those self-sacrificing, joyful, and diligent mom's like mine!