Screen Time

I think 2020 has easily seen the most screen time this world has ever known. With the quarantines and work from home requirements, technology has stepped in to save the day...but has it really saved it? What has been the cost?

I find it interesting that the smart phones, which are the serious time suckers themselves, are the ones with "screen time reminders." They keep track of our usage and limits can be set to monitor the amount. Do you ever stop and look at how many hours a week are spent on your phone? Outside of what work requires of you, how much of your life is being stolen by screens? 

I am not against technology in the least, and am the first to take advantage of it. For one, I would not even have my self-employment if it were not for technology and e-commerce. Yet, do you ever notice the difference when a phone is not present in the room? I think it's good to revaluate how much we make our phones our priority. Sure they are the means to connect us to other people, but do we really want to spend the majority of our lives glued to a screen?

Think of all the amazing things we miss when phones take over. The average person picks up their phone 150 times a day, while on average a person only laughs 15 times a day...why is there such a big difference? Do our phones really make us happier? Another stat claims the average person will spend 5 years of their life on social media...five years...

"All things in moderation." It is good to set limits. Try cutting your screen time by at least 30% and see what your life looks like. You might surprise yourself at how much more is out there.