Sunrise, Sunset


Are we willing to wait for things? Do we get frustrated when we cannot have something much so that we are willing to give up the pursuit? The best things are those which take time. Who wants to rush a sunset? When we watch a sunset, we want it to last...we are disappointed at that last moment when the horizon claims the orange globe, no matter how many times we may have seen a sunset before. Waiting is intimately connected with a willingness to hold on, no matter what and no matter how long.

Waiting also means you are willing to lose other things or let other opportunities pass by because whatever you are waiting for holds your heart. In small or large things, a certain sense of patience denotes hope. A person hopes for something...there's always an object to hope....something not yet attained. Just like the sunset though, we believe what we hope for is coming.

That sunrise and sunset remind us that our days are filled with beauty from beginning to end, and as we wait for things we should not neglect to look for that beauty in our everyday. God is present and ever-creating...and we can participate in that by making everything beautiful around us. What are we communicating to the world? Is it those rays from the sun? As we ride the train of life, let's spread that light to everyone on board.