Steps in the Way of the Cross


Lent is upon us and there are always so many possibilities of what we could use the time for. The important thing to remember is that these liturgical seasons are about growth and union with God. We should work on a particular virtue in order to root out a particular vice so that sin has less of a hold on us and we are more free to love God. We are approaching Calvary . . . and each day of Lent is a step toward that Sacrifice. 

The Stations are one of the best devotions for Lent where we recall the encounters Our Lord had at those moments in His Passion with His people. He says to each one of us, "I thirst." He is thirsting for our love and a glance throughout the day. As conversion is a turning towards God, we want to make our Lent an opportunity to detach from the things of this world and embrace practices that spur us on to the next. 

What if this was the last Lent you had? How would you spend it? Take the step forward to growing closer to the Lord, Who waits for us. He looks upon us from the cross in His own suffering to console us in ours. No matter what trials we may be going through, He is there with us every step of the way and has taken all that suffering upon Himself in His agony, way of the cross, and crucifixion.

Lent is about steps . . . and the first part of a step is the decision to make one. We have to choose God. We have to choose to do His will. We have to choose to love. May our wills become ever more conformed to God's, Who wants only the best for us. I hope you all have a blessed Lent, one in which your heart becomes a more peaceful resting place for Him.