The Lonely Tabernacle


How many churches are empty so often during the day and night? How many perpetual Adoration chapels do you know of? How many times have you visited Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and seen the pews full? How lonely must Jesus get in the Tabernacle!

Do we think of this?

I heard in a retreat today that all the recent Eucharistic miracles have one common element confirmed by medical professionals....that the Host is a human heart....and what's more that it's a heart that is suffering/under stress. How Jesus' Heart longs for our heart to console visit offer the pains our hearts endure to alleviate His.

He waits for us. He waits for you. He waits for me. It's amazing how much time we can waste on our phones, on social media, on all these time suckers. I found that EWTN has an app where you can click on live streaming of Adoration. When we are spending time on our phones...why not open the app and make a Spiritual Communion if we are unable to visit Jesus in person that moment?

In a world that is increasingly restless and noisy, wasting our alabastar jar on Jesus is just what we need to be doing. The seconds pass...the days pass...the years pass...and suddenly we are at the end. When we look back, I don't think we'll wish we spent more time on the empty things of this world. We will be consoled by all the time we spent in His Presence...and how we carried His Presence into our daily lives in our interactions with others.

Unite your heart throughout the day with Jesus in the Tabernacle, Who is often so alone there. He is so present to us.