Let There Be Light

Easter is about so many things. Triumph, glory, freedom from sin and death, sharing in the divine life of Christ, understanding what is on the other side of suffering . . . of all these and more, one idea that jumps out is light. His light. The light that we carry within us through His Presence to shine on others. We cannot see without light . . . and supernatural light is being able to see what in fact we cannot see.

St Mary Magdalene is the first one in Scripture to see the Light, but she could not see Him until He said her name. He called her. She knew Him in that moment and the first thing she wished to do was to be close to that Light and honor the Light, Who gave her light to see. She wanted to see Him and she did.

The journey through Lent ends because it was a preparation for Someone . . . a preparation to see Someone more clearly in this life so that we might be able to see Him for all eternity. That preparation continues but in the Easter season it is through rejoicing and feasting and basking in the Light of Christ, Who saved us from darkness.

Verse from the Exsultet:

This is the night

of which it is written:

The night shall be as bright as day,

dazzling is the night for me,

and full of gladness.