The Four Leaves

~ a short story on the temperaments ~

As I walked through the path, I noticed there was one particular tree that was different from the rest of the forest. So many brightly colored leaves were coming off of it. I say "coming off" because they were each doing it in a unique way. 

The red leaves were jumping--they didn't even look before they leaped. They took off merrily, boldly, (not without arguing) and with a certain impatience to get on with it, yet there was direction--always clear and precise.

The green leaves, who took their time in deciding if they would let go, seemed to be holding on for dear life, content with contemplating the forest from above. It certainly didn't look like they were going to fall anytime soon, yet that made them dependable.

The yellow leaves insisted on going together - they couldn't do anything alone - and I really thought I heard them laughing. Quite extraordinary. It was contagious and they let the wind take them places.

The orange leaves didn't seem to mind anything about the process from beginning to end. They fell gracefully, yes they definitely fell and landed, and well...that was about it.

Altogether, the colors blended together, rustling in the wind, catching the sun's rays as they fell. The Tree was the one who brought the leaves into being and He delighted in watching them find out who they were. He always looked forward to this moment when the leaves took flight, a culmination of a fruitful growth.

(Originally written 10- 21 - 21, copyrighted by Therese J. Roberts)