The Mast


~ a short story ~ 

Hold onto it and don't let go. It's sturdy and firm in the midst of mighty waves. The storms may try to break the mast - but they won't, not this one - the mast of the Cross. The winds may howl, the thunder clap, the lightning strike, but don't look to those things, cling to the mast. 

See how it lets the sails take the wind and propel the ship toward its destination. A ship only remains still when anchored, but then it isn't heading for a new place. The mast offers a refuge where there isn't anywhere else to go, for that is the least topsy-turvy place for those who find the rocking gets to their head. It brings relief to the journey.

Look to the horizon which holds the beginning and end - the first and last glimmers of light. That is where you are headed. When night is long or cold or dark, look to the bright beams of starlight. Enemies will try to take down your ship, but calm waters never made a skillful sailor. 

Are you a sailor?

You certainly don't become one by staying on the land - you must have courage to lose sight of the shore. What will you find? Willingness to risk something may spur you on, but I think it is the Mast that will let you make the whole voyage, and your confidence in It, rather than your own steering of the helm. Going into the unknown means trusting that the ship has brought you home before. 

(Originally written 10 -27 - 21, copyrighted by Therese J. Roberts)