His Gaze

"His Gaze"

He casts His gaze upon a soul 
Her heart awakens to His pull
She's found the One Who makes her whole
The void she felt with Him is full.

His very Life she seeks all day
Her heart is where He wants to dwell
She gives that place for Him to stay
And He in turn rewards her well.

She wants to love Him more and more
Console Him for the sins of all
With hope she knocks upon the Door
He opens since He knows her call.

The sacred moment to receive
Himself into her humble heart
Delights the soul who does believe
This Guest Divine will never part.

Her prayer before His Throne He sees
As moments saved for His delight
And from herself the sins He frees
To see her glory shining bright.

The seconds tick as hours to her
Until she sees His Face again
When other duties do deter
And yet she serves Him until then.

By sacrifice this love is shown
As an exchange of grace for grace
And when that charity is known
To her, the Cross is His embrace.

His eyes then rest upon her pain
That rescues souls from Satan's grip
Her offering is always gain
A paradox, the struggles flip.

Abandonment her faithful thought
To His designs upon her life
For Him alone; all else is naught
His arms will carry her through strife.

His patience for her knows no bounds
For He accepts her in her state
He does not weigh her life by pounds
Or measure time in months and dates.

His Presence like a magnet draws
The calm, the peace is His to give
His goodness fills her soul with awe
His healing hand will let her live.

A hidden life is her desire
To imitate the Way He chose
His Heart enkindles hers with fire
A yearning in her soul arose.

He understands as no one can
Her longing for the world above
On earth she seeks to know His plan
A union with the wills in love.

If she is waiting, so is He
His searching is much deeper too
He ponders her eternity
She trusts Him to make all things new.

For all her hopes are hung on Him
Since to His Heart she does belong
Espousal rings with golden rim
In that eternal place of song.

(Originally composed 9 - 18 - 21
Copyrighted by Therese J. Roberts)