Stock Images

One of the quickest ways to hinder a relationship is to see people as "stock images." On the flip side, a truly meaningful and deep connection is based upon the essential truth that people are unique and unrepeatable individuals. You will never meet another person twice. Can that be fathomed? Our connections with people matter. They matter a great deal. 

We may never realize the impact a person has on our heart, our soul, in this life. Or in the same way, the effect our presence may have on other people. This is part of the amazing mystery of Divine Providence. The way He puts people together in this life, at various stages of life, at unlimited crossroads and intersections. Think about the domino many times have you made choices that led to a series of incredible connections in your life?

From where does this stem? It starts with seeing people as a gift. Striving to open our hearts to receive with joy the people He puts in our life, even if they are really difficult people. Even that suffering increases our capacity to love and expands our own hearts to go deeper, beyond superficial realities. Trying to see the immortal soul that God made and loves in * every * single * person * we encounter.

Wouldn't this make life so incredibly interesting and meaningful if everyone did this? People are so fascinating. On a basic level, don't you enjoy going to the airport and watching the varied people going by, creating a story in your mind of where they are headed? People are anything but stock images. It's like the beauty of snowflakes. But we have to see that, and not just see that but reflect that by a radiant witness that some moments never come to us again. Don't doubt your value.