Colorful Roads

All right, readers, it's 2023 . . . a blessed and happy new year to all of you! We can set out on new adventures, possibilities, and plans for what this year will hold, but not without pausing to keep a particular virtue in mind to carry us through the bumps, unexpectednesses (I'm making that a word), and trials. 2023 needs to be a year of hope. I decided I'm going to create the first blog post of the year with some philosophy of Thomas Aquinas because . . . that's what you do.

Let's look at hope.

Hope unites us to God.  ST: "our hope attains God Himself."

Hope draws us to heaven.  ST: "the object of hope is eternal happiness."

Hope fosters humility.  ST: "hope attains God by leaning on Himself."

Hope is a virtue.  ST: "God is the principal object of hope considered as a virtue."

So, if we are looking for some inspiration this year and searching for a virtue to grow in, I suggest hope. It keeps our gaze fixed on eternity, where we shall dwell in the Presence of God and delight in the possession of Him. Everything pales in comparison to that, don't you think? Even all the hopes we have for the new year, if they are not ultimately leading us to God, maybe we should rethink our resolutions.

St. Clement of Alexandria said, "If you do not hope, you do not find what is beyond your hopes." Let's really make the most of 2023 to go beyond petty worldly dreams and strive with everything we've got to grow in our spiritual lives and live for God alone. That will truly take us on exciting, colorful roads . . .