I've got one for you. It's January and it feels like spring when normally we should be getting freezing temperatures. My friends, there was a daffodil blooming in the pathway. Kinda a paradox. Seemingly contradictory, but true nonetheless. It was a sparkle of beauty in the winter months that can't help but bring a smile, a hint of joy. Those things in life that just normally shouldn't exist but do, ironically give us hope . . . hope that in the midst of whatever seemingly contradictory circumstances we find ourselves in, there is always potential for beauty.

Life is just too short to miss these things. We don't want to be so absorbed in the difficulties we face day after day that we forget that there are daffodils in winter. We may not be able to change how things look, but we can change how we see.

Paradoxes give us a chance to discover something deeper, to go beyond the pain to experience the triumph. Paradoxes completely prevent us from living on the surface. It is absolutely impossible to get stuck in mediocrity when we are forced up against a wall that we have no choice but to scale. Maybe, just maybe on the other side of the wall is that field of daffodils in the middle of winter . . . 

. . . hope.