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Responding Wholeheartedly

Life takes us on a variety of roads, and more often than not, when we respond to one grace it opens up the possibility for more to enter in our hearts. We only have to be open and willing and God does the rest. I had the incredible gift to see one of my dear friends make her solemn vows this past week. Seeing her consecrate her life to God forever will remain in my memory always. Her "yes" resounds throughout heaven and earth. I want to share this prayer that a friend translated for me from French. I believe it sums up the response of a soul to her vocation. "Notre Dame du Oui" Our Lady, who by thy “yes” hast changed the face of the earth, take pity on those who want to say “yes” always. Thou, who knowest at what price this word is purchased and held, help us not to retreat in front of what it demands of us. Teach us how to say it like thee with humility, purity, simplicity, and with abandon to the Father’s will. Our whole life long, make it that each “yes” we say a

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