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One After the Other

  It's been one of those weeks readers where you hear of a lot of people in your life that are suffering. A member of my extended family was diagnosed with cancer and a friend of a relative just lost her three year old to brain cancer. Yet at the same time, a friend of mine is making her solemn profession of vows and another friend just graduated with her master's degree. It seems in life that things happen "one after the other," whether they are good or bad things. Maybe even both at the same time so we don't lose hope. Life can be heavy and you sometimes wonder just how will you get through a single day and then all of a sudden something works out, something is given to you, a door opens, prayers are answered. In the midst of it all, in the words of a priest that I attended a recent talk said, "keep the Holy Eucharist as your North Star." Before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament we can pour it all out and He is there to receive it, receive us--He wants us

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