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Depend On

In my travels over the last couple of years searching for God's plan for my own life, I have come across a consistent theme from those who are trying to respond to His call. Trust in God. This trust is not based on circumstances, other people, plans working out, or even answered prayers according to what we asked for. Fundamentally, trust is based on a relationship with Christ, which means we are trusting a Person, someone who has our best interests in mind. The hardest times for people to trust seem to be when it's dark or the future isn't clear or there are heavy trials in our lives. But why is that the hardest time to trust? Perhaps is it because we do not have a "suffering love," or a willingness to be completely abandoned to the will of God? If we are honest, this lack of uniformity stems from fear, or perhaps our desire to control and for security--which means if we had that perfectly in every situation, guess what? We don't really need God. If we could

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