Apple Mill Bakery

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There's no one who can whet your appetite for a delicious dessert better than my sister. Since she was old enough to use a cookie cutter, my sister has been baking. Some people can bake, but not everyone can create. With a history of recipes from our Irish grandmother, a natural talent, and a desire to make people happy through food that feels like home, opening a bakery was a no-brainer for her to share her creations. 

The bakery's motto, "Homemade. Made from Scratch. Everyday. Just the Way it Should Be," says it all. Everything is made specifically for you that day in the kitchen. From cookies, sweet bars, coffee cakes, fudge, thumbprints, blondies, rugelach and other yummy pastries, the bakery has anything your tastebuds desire.

In the words of my sister, "With my bachelor's in business and my heart in the kitchen, I knew starting a bakery was the right fit for me. I have loved baking for as long as I can remember. My fondest memories of growing up are with my family in the kitchen. And I am so excited that now I can share that love for food with a wider audience!"

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