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"Let us not put off till the end of our life the care that we ought daily to take of our soul; let us labor while there is yet time." ~ St John Vianney

"Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being. You're a perfectly valuable, creative, worthwhile person simply because you exist and no amount of triumphs or tribulations can ever change that." ~ St Francis de Sales

"The proof of love is in the works. Where love exists, it works great things, but when it ceases to act, it ceases to exist." ~ St Gregory the Great

"It is better to use the present time well than to think so much about the future." ~ St Zelie Martin

"Start being brave about everything. Drive out darkness and spread light. Don't look at your weaknesses. Realize instead that in Christ crucified you can do everything." ~ St Catherine of Siena

"Music to me is a voice, my voice, it's my way of expressing what colors can I bring in, what emotions, what feel. What ideas can I bring out from these instruments that would make this song come alive." ~ St Jerome

"I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, Who is sending a love letter to the world." ~ St Teresa of Calcutta

"Enrich your soul in the great goodness of God: the Father is your table, the Son is your food, and the Holy Spirit waits on you and then makes His dwelling in you." ~ St Catherine of Siena

"A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows." ~ St Francis Assisi

"How to find Christmas peace in a world of unrest? You cannot find peace on the outside but you can find peace on the inside, by letting God do to your soul what Mary let Him do to her body, namely, let Christ be formed in you." ~ Ven. Fulton Sheen

"It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you." ~ St Teresa of Calcutta

"The time of Advent is a time of hope. Jesus wants us to love Him. It is His desire that we be holy, very much His own." ~ St Josemaria Escriva

"You are rewarded not according to your work or your time but according to the measure of your love." ~ St Catherine of Siena

"The saints were not abnormal beings, cases to be studied. They were, they are - normal - of flesh, like yours. And they won." ~ St Jose Maria Escriva

"Fair son, the first thing I would teach you is to set your heart to love God; for unless he love God none can be saved." ~ from St. King Louis' IX last instructions to his oldest son, Louis X

"Christian perfection consists in three things: praying heroically, working heroically, and suffering heroically." ~ St Anthony Mary Claret

"There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary." ~ St Lucia

"Even when alone be cheerful, remembering always that you are in the sight of angels." ~ St Therese

"Either we learn to find our Lord in the ordinary, everyday life, or else we shall never find Him." ~ St Josemaria Escriva

"The life of a Christian is nothing but a perpetual struggle against self; there is no flowering of the soul to the beauty of its perfection except at the price of pain." ~ Padre Pio

"Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." 
~ Mother Teresa

"Nothing is far from God." ~ St Monica

"While Mary holds your hand, you cannot fall; under her protection you have nothing to fear. If she walks before you, you shall not grow weary; if she shows you favor, you shall reach the goal." ~ St Bernard

"The rosary is the weapon for these times." ~ St Pio

"He who prays most receives most." ~ St Alphonsus Liguori 

"He who saves his souls saves his own and satisfies for a multitude of sins." ~ St James

"You can't give God deadlines." ~ St Pio

"Love God. Serve God. Everything is in that." ~ St Clare

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ~ St Francis

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